“Dance in the Gutter”

This past semester I had the pleasure of working with Todd Eckert on his MFA project “Dance in the Gutter” in the OSU Winter Concert in February 2017. Enjoy! Choreographer: Todd Eckert Music: Dohi Moon Lighting: Dave Covey Dancers: Christopher Cogell, Laura DeAngelis, Fenella Kennedy, Kyla Makovsky, Anthony Milian, Onjelee Phomthirath, Megan Wurtz Advertisements

Composition II: A Reflection

Composition is a difficult class to take for everyone. For people that hate to create movement, it’s a constant struggle and negotiation with oneself, the assignment, and the teacher. For the people that love to generate work, it can become plain frustrating. I identify as the latter. Nevertheless, one has to learn to take the…

Millennials in Momentum

I have many feelings, emotions, and thoughtful, informed opinions about all that’s going on in our country right now. But as an artist trying to see the good in the world, I will let my work speak for itself. PSA to artists everywhere: now is the time to mobilize. Your work has never been as…

The Election of 2016

November 9, 2016, will always be characterized in my head as a cold, somber and rainy day in Columbus, Ohio. I never expected this to happen. The gravity of last night’s election continues to set into my gut heavier and heavier, and just when I think the weight can’t grow stronger, it does. I’m experiencing…

Serene Warmth

So lucky to get to work with this beautiful dancer over fall break. Thank you to Baylie Mochalova for being so inspiring and for rocking my blue lipstick better than I could ever hope to!


Fun exploration with Kat Sprudzs regarding the nature of “ladylike” behavior. If the actions generally allocated to a man are performed by a lady, then by what standard are they not “ladylike”?


In civilized society humans like to isolate themselves from the earth that wrought them. Through strife and struggle, stay grounded, stay one with the earth, and the rest falls into place. Indulge in the grotesque pleasures of the natural world. Thank you Niasha Whitfield for being so great to work with. Much love always.

Nine to Five

Back to school, back to dancing, back to creating more work than I know what to do with, and back to working with this kid. Thanks, Mason Chapello, for joining me in making fools of ourselves in public places per usual.