A Multifaceted Artist with A Lot to Say and No One to Listen


Photo by Julia Mattis

Dance is a unique approach to academic pursuit. While it can be about conveying raw emotions, art and dance are ways to convey ideas and concepts that can not be adequately described with words. Dance is a unique way to relay unique ideas by and for unique people. To be a dancer is to participate in multidimensional stimulation. There is nothing passive about a dance education. It forces the artist to both move and think simultaneously, which excites intellect and catalyzes innovation and ideas.

I became enamored with pursuing a career in dance when I turned 16 and was granted opportunities to explore the creative aspects of dancing. Ever since, I’ve done my best to
be an active and prolific artist. There is nothing more inspiring and thrilling than
creating your work. Whether it’s a physical dance, a dance film, or even photos, knowing that without your craftsmanship this work of art wouldn’t exist induces authentic pride. Whether people are left moved, provoked, or even disturbed, knowing that with my mind alone I can be evocative is the reason I wake up in the morning and commit myself to tedious technical foundations