Bryant Park Grooves

With YTT winding down, with an exam and now my first ever yoga class in my past, I am beginning to reflect on the last 5 weeks with Om Factory NYC’s 200hr-TT. And I must say a highlight of the entire experience was two Fridays ago when myself and 3 of my fellow yogis spontaneously decided to improv in Bryant Park during the lunch break of our NYC masterclass day. I love my usual fellow movers, but getting to explore with new bodies and souls was incredibly rewarding. Not to mention the usual joy of getting Snapchatted by onlookers with the added flare of working into the pseudo-performance a selfie with the man dressed in green in the background. The business men on the street become parts of art without even knowing it, the beauty of dance!

Video below!

Dancers: Laura DeAngelis, Kana Leonard, Gillian Popino, Kerry Zak

Thanks to Sarah Murphy for holding up a camera for 20 minutes in the summer heat!


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