Kicking off 2017: Shen Wei Dance Arts Winter Intensive

There is often talk around early January about making the coming year one worth remembering, but 2017 kicked off with action to support the talk.
FullSizeRender.jpg-1For the past five days I had the pleasure of dancing with the Shen Wei Dance Arts intensive. I got to learn reparatory from a major New York City dance company, meet people from other contexts and backgrounds, and work alongside professional company dancers. This experience went above and beyond my expectations as a dancer. After three semesters of dancing within the same environment, it was a refreshing change of pace and an eye opening five days. We learned about first hand life of professional dancers working in New York. I attended a (finally) informative talk about the process, struggles, rewards and tools that come with forming a dance company. The studios were a windowless vortex, void of clocks, mirrors, and anything besides our dancing bodies and the occasional water bottle on the sides. Somewhere within the three hour reparatory classes, two and a half hours of arm rotations and center shifts, and the daily walks to Dunkin Donuts with new friends, I gave my artistic passion a breath of fresh air. Firstly, moving away from my normal setting allowed me to dance without the pressures of any concerns and drama associated with my life and dancing in Columbus. Despite the always refreshing move away from the norm, I found myself getting in touch with my body as a tool. Without the excuse of distractions, the whole “dancers making art with their own body” thing sank in to a deep level. I realized that I am my movement, embodied, contextualized and cerebrally processed. This allowed me to move past my ego and my doubts and work towards becoming the full artist I hope to be. I was moved by the sensitivity and genuine nature of Shen Wei’s work and learning his process has brought a newfound sense of care and attention to my movement that I am thrilled to bring back to college with me in both class and choreographic settings. I learned more in five days than I have in some year long classes I have been involved in. Most important of all these lessons was the act of loosing myself in my art rather than getting lost within myself in times of struggle or doubt.


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