Laban Writer: My Experience in Analysis Class


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 09.38.15

My score writing in Laban Writer when learning to use the software. While there are some errors, it overall stands as a testament to the utility and aesthetic of dance notation

Analysis is an infamous fact of The Ohio State University. It’s a complicated subject that I found myself having a powerful love/hate relationship with. From 3-5pm in a small studio with burning fluorescent lights, coupled with reading tedious scores, makes for a mentally and physically exhausting four hours of me week. My feelings vacillated between “this is pointless” to “this is amazing” in spans of 10 minutes. But ultimately, as someone who is academically and cerebrally oriented, I am really excited that I have this knowledge of Laban notation and its history in my bank of knowledge.  As helpful has video is, the structure of Laban notation is an important skill for historic analysis, and as a history major I find that extremely important and valuable. Mostly though, I am just extremely intrigued by the aesthetic of motif and Laban scores. It’s more interesting to look at than music writing and it in and of itself is an art of drawing and interpretation. Using art to support and understand other art better is an incredibly interesting concept and I do hope to further pursue implementing my new knowledge into my career as a dancer, artist, historian, and human.



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