Four Thoughts on Marvin Gaye, and a Few Thoughts on My Movement.

Nothing quite says “Susan Hadley’s Composition Class” like heavy focuses on movement and music. For this study, Hadley provided us with four song options, and asked that we

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 16.45.16.pngpick one. The only requirement was that the movement must match up to how we individually perceive the sections of the music.

I instantly chose Four Thoughts on Marvin Gaye by Don Byron, because from the first listen I could hear a story.

The narrative I worked with was playful. I am embodying the character of little children playing pretend in their backyard, who are then intercepted by the “big kids” down the street. This narrative has no resolution because, at the end, their mom calls them inside for lunch. My biggest struggle was not whether the movement told my story, but whether or not my performance lent to it. So it’s safe to say I had fun with this one, and after many revisions (as we had to bring in rough drafts), I finally found my narrative being conveyed.


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