An Exercise in Vulnerability

Some moderately pretentious musings as I found myself having a bit of an emotional connection to this shoot:

I believe that below the surface level of the reality we perceive exists hundreds of thousands of energies. These energies course through us, no mater who we are or how in touch with them we are, and weave through others and the world around us. Art is a way of strengthening one’s awareness of their energies. As if glowing waves course through us and root into our surroundings, art takes them from a duller blue to a brighter gold. For better or worse art helps us understand more about the universe than anyone else may perceive. We have thousands of these waves, and some people’s match up in vividly bright ways. This compatibility can be stimulated by art, but no matter what they are always there. If your work is based on nature, you will have a stronger connection to nature. Your blue wave will begin to glow and root deeper into the mountains and trees. This, specifically, is why I like working with people so much. Humans are alive and active and fascinating. Their emotions are ephemeral yet real, their thoughts spiral nonsensically, they provide life and joy and make our own lives worth living. The human mind is rich, and the best way to understand this is to strengthen your energies’ connections with other people. This is why dance is my primary medium (this and of course the whole mother putting me in ballet shoes at age 4 thing). I want to know people, not for who they present themselves, but also for who they genuinely are. Once you attempt to do so you surely begin to realize true revelation of these energies is impossible, but we can and should try. These energies are so complex, you can hardly understand your own let alone others. But the deeper you delve into these energies the more fascinating they are.

I am going somewhere with this. If you’re still with me, I would go further to say art is vulnerability. Art is pulling away exoskeletons of emotions and intellect, revealing raw flesh, easily wounded but fascinatingly beautiful. If you really look at a work, this is visible on the surface reality, not just through your energies. You can see the flesh of an artist’s work, as though a small bit of their brain or heart were smudged across as a final touch. What I create is mediocre at best, this blog is a documentation of a journey, not a final product of greatness. Regardless, it is my mission to make my work real, genuine, and organic.

I personally try to be as in touch with these energies with every person I come into contact with, which is why I let people touch my life so intensely (for better or for worse). This being my 4th official time working with my dear friend Mason Chapello, I found that our mutual energies really began to grow brighter than any before, as I have never so persistently worked with one person. I think the results really speak for themselves. So, genuinely, thank you Mason for working and collaborating with me, enduring my nonsense ideas, sticking your head in a garbage can, and always being “open, honest and transparent”. I could not have come so far or grown so much as a person and artist in the past few months without you, and I can’t wait to see what our future endeavors hold for us. Extremely grateful you found that doorknob during finals week 🙂



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