Spring Break 2016 with Ballet and Boston

If a typical college spring break consists of beaches, sunshine, and fun with friends, mine was the exact opposite. Even if it may not have been my preferred choice of break festivities, I did my best to make the most of my trip to the cold city of Boston with my family and an attached obligation while there to watch my sister perform in YAGP. If I’m being totally


Acorn Street, Boston, MA

honest, if I could go back and do it again, I would still probably choose to go somewhere warm with my friends, but regardless I still found my time in Boston to be much more enjoyable than I’d expected.

The city itself is perfectly in line with all of my nerdish interests. I had the opportunity to trot the freedom trail and soak up the history of revolutionary Boston, while engaging in some Ben Franklin humor along the way. In line with my pretentious tendencies, I did my very best to absorb the history around me and collect the vibes from the past.

I also had the opportunity to spend time with my family. While that may not be the typical move for spring break fun, it felt to me like a great mix of the two different break options most people chose. From what I have observed, people either to decide to go home to be with their families or to travel, but I got the best of both worlds. I got to see a new city


Copley Square, Boston, MA

while still spending time with my family, who feel more like home than my physical house in New Jersey anyway. With life moving as quickly as it does and other events constantly pulling me from being able to spend time at home during my time off, it was important to spend the time that was allotted with my family and to spend it well.

Finally, while it was necessary that I attend, having the opportunity to observe a YAGP competition even at jut the regional level was an informative experience to me as a dancer. More so than any other experience I had, I felt like my own abilities as a dancer were definitely put into perspective. It was one of the largest spectrums of talent I had ever witnessed, from he prima level ballerinas to the seemingly movement impaired to put it delicately. It was both fascinating and humbling.

So, while I may not have returned from break sun kissed with fresh memories of crazy adventures with friends on an oceanfront high, I have definitely returned more experienced, more intelligent, and more well travelled and educated.

Attached are some wonderfully mediocre photos I took along my travels.








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