Dance For Camera: Knowledge and Power

Dance for Camera has always been something that I took an interest in. When Sofie announced our next project would be to create any dance film we wanted, I instantly flashed back to when little-me would record myself dancing and play around with iMovie, using excessive color filtrations and cheesy transitions. Of course I matured from there in my toying around as I grew up, but this project was my first opportunity to do an almost-professional piece of dance film. Naturally, I was excited. But once I sat down, armed with footage of my dear friend Amanda doing unspeakable acts in Thompson Library, a sense of dread swept over me. Just like everyone else, throughout all of freshman year, I was determined to prove myself. This project could have easily been done after my first class session toying with Final Cut Pro. But with every viewing of one of my peer’s exceptional works, came a sense to work even harder and make my piece even closer to perfect. What went form determination turned to obsession (except not as crazy as that sentence makes me sound). I want to be proud of my work but as happens to any artist, I looked at my piece so many times until I myself hated it. So, I can’t be the judge of this, I can’t criticize it, and I can’t say whether it’s good or bad. What I can say is that I am proud to finally have had the opportunity to do a solo project of this caliber my freshman year, and I hope that this can be a springboard from which to improve my skills even further. However, most of all, I am proud to be part of a freshman class of such talented artists who can produce such high calibers of work so early in their careers.

Special thanks to Jordan McDowell (also known as life coach) and Sofie Clemmensen for putting up with my insanity during this process


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