Piece Description written by Jordan McDowell: The inspiration for this piece evolved from investigating how the dancers could move into and out of an urban area. Following the grid of the windows and the lines of the concrete ramp outside, the dancers move through the length, width, and height of the space to fill out its volume. The window is simply the border for the location that is explored, both inside and outside. While limited in length and height, the space is infinite in terms of depth or width through the nature of it being a window. The dancers display this stretch of space by dancing both in the frame of the window and the expanse beyond. To impress upon the fact that the space is the focus, the dancers are silhouetted to draw away from each dancer as an individual and rather accentuate the way the dancers shape the space. The music also adds to the expedition into the space, and is reminiscent of the trickling of the dancers into and out of the frame.

Work by: Laura DeAngelis, Molly Farash, Emily Jones, Jordan McDowell, Cole Rietenbach


Photo by Cole Rietenbach : Edited by Laura DeAngelis

Freshman seminar has been a series of scattered concepts and random tasks. Our education has bounced back and forth between music and photography and composition, and occasionally extended far as learning techniques and usage of OSU resources. While all of these mini lessons allowed us to dip our toes in various essential fields that are necessary to survive life at Ohio State, it all seemed to lack cohesion. The variation could become overwhelming and sometimes confusing, no matter how enjoyable Sofie made it be. However, with this final project suddenly everything came together. Not only did the information become cohesive, but so did us as a class.

Ultimately this final project was a test in patience. I’m someone who likes to work alone and have things done my way, for better or for worse. I always hold the belief that group work is less innovative than individual work because to coincide varying opinions results in a boiled down, less creative piece. For something like this I had to channel all of my patience and force myself to not be a bossy jerk, and honestly I did a better job than I usually do. The overall outcome was something we could all be proud of. Whether it was the group of people I was working with, or just that I grew as a person, but I found it much less taxing to cooperate with a group project.

While this was an integral part of my final project experience, the most impactful part to me was the end when we experienced each other’s work. Firstly, it felt so professional that our work was figuratively displayed around Sullivant Hall in a gallery type manor. It made our work seem so legitimate and tangible. But secondly and most importantly (and this is what I meant by a sense of cohesion forming in our class), it made me really appreciate the talent I’m surrounded by every single day. All of my peers are such intelligent artists with expansive minds that I can’t help but admire. It made me finally feel as though we were all here together by an intentional design. Being immersed in such an artistic culture really motivates me to push myself as an artist. And the most beautiful part is that, despite all the talent, no one is competitive to a point of unhealthiness and no one is jealous of one another. There is simply a strong sense of mutual support and admiration. We are cohesive in our skills and our love and kindness. There’s no better way to exit the semester than with a kind reminder of how lucky I am to be here at OSU dance and get to have these experiences with such loving and talented people.


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