Or Whatever


“Or Whatever” performed by the Watchung Hills Regional High School Dance Ensemble May 2015

Dancers: Katery Berger, Morgan Provato, Kayla Peluso, Arielle Ostry, Dena Vayas

Description in program: “This piece is about being lazy, but I don’t really care either way”

I gained inspiration for this piece as my mind was wandering during a particularly dull English class. My train of thought lead me to the impending adjudication I was meant to present work for, for which I had less than adequate plans or concepts formed. I proceeded to scold myself for not adhering to my academic duties by focusing in class when I struck epiphany gold.

I believe a dance does not necessarily need to be about serious concepts or dark plagues on society as ever serious modern dancers tend to believe. I decided to create a relatively lighthearted piece about laziness and apathy that is simultaneously understandable and discouraged amongst high school students suffering the modern American academic system.

The actual choreography of this piece was conducted within four 75 minute long rehearsals. I feel that my process of on-the-spot choreography with little regard to the dictation of the music speaks to the theme of my piece, for such methods were demanded by my failure to prepare work outside of rehearsal time. However, I do also believe some of our best work as artists is improvisational and unfiltered.

Thank you to Marisa Impalli and Caitlyn Barrows for helping oversee my process and give me constructive advice.

Beautiful feature image photographed by the talented Lauren Loesberg


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