Exploited Flesh Builds Walls


“Exploited Flesh Builds Walls” performed by the Watchung Hills Regional High School Dance Ensemble May 2014

Dancers: Sarah Deluty, Molly Garyantes, Julia Golkin, Jessica Gittleman, Jackie Gronske, Isha Khosla, Emily Kim, Morgan Provato, Alyssa Puccio, Maddie Warshauer, Shawn Weng, Courtney Zawodniak

This was my first experiment with group choreography. Previously I had only worked with solos. This piece is meant to depict the conceptual and physical division produced  by the Berlin wall. I took many risks with literal structuring by dividing the stage in half having one side represent the West and one represent the East. At the close of the piece the two halves merge and explore each other to find that they are truly all humans and are all the same.

I learned more about my vision with this piece as I progressed with it. I was at first concerned about this dynamic because I didn’t think it aligned with the political and economic differences of the Soviet world and the Western world. However, I soon realized that art is based on humanity, not cold subjects of monetary matters. Within the concrete historical intentions were the universal themes of humanity dividing itself based on superficial classification and disregarding the fact that all humans are inherently humans with the same basic needs and desires. All humans are unique undoubtably, but also are all the same. I explored this choreographically by having the different sides of the stage do extremely similar things but with slight variations.

Special Thanks to Marisa Impalli for overseeing this process and providing me with constructive criticism.

Beautiful feature image photographed by the talented Lauren Loesberg


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